Web Development

In the digital age, the foundation of a credible business is its website. It serves as the hub that conveys your brand. It helps you engage potential clients and drive them to take action. It helps build trust, authority and connection with the people who need or want what your business offers.

E’finit Media offers quality web solutions ranging from small, informative sites to more complex e-commerce websites with striking design and attention to detail. We present design that serves your purpose as a business, institution or brand.

Call E’finit Media at (210) 993-1707 or contact by e-mail via the link down below so we can chat and provide solutions.

After determining the desired outcome of your project, E’finit Media will develop a proposal to include a scope of work and summary of the website features, development requirements and timelines, pricing and terms.

Once the project scope is reviewed and a work agreement is in place, E’finit Media will create design mock-ups for approval and development to begin.

After completion of the website and your approval, your website will be launched and live.

Ongoing maintenance is required for any website to sustain optimal performance. We recommend purchasing an E’finit Media hosting and maintenance plan. As is the case with most technology, you have to maintain it. You wouldn’t buy a car and neglect the oil changes would you? For those who like living on the edge, we can train you on the basics.

Hosting and Maintenance

E’finit Media can provide managed WordPress hosting and maintenance plans providing reliable architecture that delivers unparalleled speed, scalability and security for your site.

We rely on WP Engine because of their speed, customer service and security. Their platform is designed with agility and performance in mind. Their support is unmatched and highly responsive.

Call E’finit Media at (210) 993-1707 or contact by e-mail via the link down below to discuss your hosting needs.

Once we understand what type of hosted services you’ll need, I will provide you with options to choose from, each option varying in price and features. Click the following link to review hosting plans and even sign up for the one that suits you: WP Engine Plans.

Once you’ve chosen your hosting plan, E’finit Media will configure your services and migrate your web files to your new server.

We will regularly monitor your hosted services to ensure maximum uptime, optimal performance and security.

If your site is outgrowing your current plan, we can discuss and review other options to suit your needs.

Digital Media Consulting

Still need some clarity on how to navigate all this web technology? Do you have the resources but need some direction to help you build and convey your digital brand? Let’s sit down and build over some coffee to help you get in gear and develop a plan of action.

Maybe you don’t know if you need a website, or you have a website and need some help with it. E’finit Media is prepared to come to the table with solutions for your internet goals. Whether you need a one-time consult or ongoing maintenance services, we can help.

Call E’finit Media at (210) 993-1707 or contact by e-mail via the link down below so we can grab a cup of coffee and talk shop.

I will spend some time getting to know your business goals/problems, so I can better understand how to help.

Clear, effective communication is paramount in any relationship, especially a working relationship. I ask the questions that give me a clear understanding of your needs so I can offer solutions that will yield the best result.

Once we’ve determined how E’finit Media can help you, we get to work on your website issue and provide relevant advice and targeted solutions.

We may have completed your consult or task, but a job isn’t finished until we know we made an impact. Expect to hear from E’finit Media to ensure continued satisfaction.

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